A Beautiful Shih Tzu Haircut | Shih Tzu Grooming

Shih Tzus are popular for their fancy and beautiful hairstyles.  Shih Tzu hairstyles depend upon the weather conditions of a region and choice of their owners.

A Shih Tzu owners can select a haircut for their fur friends from a variety of hairstyles. Appearance your fur friends depends on the skills of the groomer. So, be wise and patient while selecting a groomer.

Below is a Shih Tzu grooming video from GroomerOK, in this video the groomer gives a decent and beautiful haircut and shows how you can do it yourself at home.



In the above video, the groomer starts with a bath to make fur soft while trimming. We have detailed article on ” How to give a bath to a Shih Tzu” you can visit for details.

Then the groomer goes through the feet sanitary and face area. The groomer has shown each step clearly so you can follow and take help while grooming your baby at home.

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