Beautiful Shih Tzu Hairstyles

When it comes to choosing a hairstyle for your Shih Tzu there is a huge list of beautiful Shih Tzu hairstyles. Whether you want to keep your dog’s coat short or long hairstyle ideas never run out.

Your choice may depend on weather conditions or any event. Shih Tzu is a cool weather breed they do not do well in hot weather. So, whenever the temperature tends to rise Shih Tzu owners give their pooch’s summer haircut. Or reason to keep their coat short maybe is to save high grooming expenses.

There are 6 most popular haircuts for Shih Tzu. Which are the following

  1. Summer Haircut
  2. Lion Haircut
  3. Puppy Haircut
  4. Teddy Bear Haircut
  5. Asian Haircut
  6. Short/Long Haircut With Single or Double Top Knot

The best thing is you always have a choice to give your pooch a different look than earlier whenever their coat goes long.

So, here are some of the most beautiful Shih Tzu hairstyle ideas.

The first time Shih Tzu’s parents were found very stressed at grooming appointment for their babies. Most of the time, they don’t know how to explain what haircut or hairstyle they want for their Shih Tzu. 

It’s a good idea to search the internet for the haircut you want for your Shih Tzu and save an image of it in Phone to show it to the groomer. It is also advised to be wise at choosing a groomer for your Shih Tzu. P

lease let me know in the comments section below if you want me to write about the best groomers in the town.

I already have shared many posts about beautiful and unique Shih Tzu hairstyles. Below are the 10 most adorable Shih Tzu hairstyles that I’ve seen so far.

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