Chinese Shih Tzu Names

Chinese Shih Tzu Names

There are hundreds or maybe thousands of dog names out there. But, If you want a unique and meaningful name for your shih tzu then have look on these Chinese shih tzu names lists below. We have collected and arranged different Chinese names with their meanings.

Note: These Chinese shih tzu names are only for those who know how to speak Chinese properly. If you don’t know anything about the Chinese language then we will not suggest you to choose any name from below lists. If you are an American or native English speaker then go for these Trending Shih Tzu Names.

Famous Chinese Shih Tzu Names

So, Here are some famous Chinese dog names that might fits to you shih tzu personality.

Mao                  Fu Gui                Mushu               Li Ming               Nao Nao

Mayli                 Bao                   Sai Hu               Mei Mei               Tofu

Shenshi             Manchu              Yen                   Zhu                    Wang

Ming                  Sui                    Dan Yan             Mui                    Yen

Popular Chinese Shih Tzu names with their meanings.

  Names  Chinese   Meaning
Cōngmíng聪明Smart – Wise
Rì chū日出Sunrise – Day Break – Twilight
Gèng kuài更快Faster than Lion/Tiger
Puyi溥仪The Last King
JinGold – Golden
ShīziLion – Mythical Animal
Qiángdà强大Strong – Powerful
Yǒushàn友善Friendly – Gentle – Amiable
ShòuBeast – wild – Monster
ZhǔThe Master
Liúxíng流行Fashionable – Popular
Jīròu fādá肌肉发达Muscular
Zhìnéng智能Bright – Intelligent
Kuángnù狂怒Furious – Covert

More Shih Tzu Names

Above are the popular Chinese names and words you can use to call your shih tzu. Please let us know in comments if you want us to add more Chinese shih tzu names.

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