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    1. Place the product cloth on the position you where want to stick, the side with hot melt glue on the side (the glue can’t be torn off), preheat the iron, and iron the front side of the cloth for 10-20 seconds to make the cloth. Attach a fixed position. It is also possible to fix the position of the cloth with a needle thread before ironing to avoid offsetting.

    2. Reverse the fixed position of the cloth with clothes (or other textiles), and iron it from the reverse side for 30-60 seconds to ensure that the adhesive is melted and the cloth is firmly attached to the clothes (or other textiles).

    3. Finally, iron it from the front for 1-2 minutes, mainly ironing the edges and corners of the cloth to ensure that the surface is smooth and smooth, and perfectly integrated with the clothes (or other textiles).

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