Shih Tzu Birthday Party

Throwing a party on your Shih Tzu Birthday is a great idea. It would mean so much to your Shih Tzu if you celebrate it.

A regular birthday party is the most obvious and best choice.

Start it by making a list of people you are going to invite. Make sure you are only inviting people who are familiar with your Shih Tzu.

Avoid inviting strangers, if your Shih Tzu fears other dogs. Let her interact, one on one, with dogs you know, are gentle.

Deciding Location

Whether you are going to make it indoor or outdoor always consider the number of people and their dogs. The next thing to consider is whether, if your Shih Tzu’s birthday comes in the winter indoor party would be a good idea and it would cost you much less.

If it’s summer, you can make it a pool party. Booking a dog-friendly pool or arranging it on a beach will double the fun.

Shih Tzu Birthday Cards or Invitation Cards

There are number of number of birthday card ideas. Here we have collected some cool birthday cards, you can buy online.

Funny Birthday Card (Shih Tzu)
  • Send wishes for a happy birthday day with a funny birthday card.
  • Front features an adorable photo of two shi Tzu PUPS.
  • Inside reads: "if it were anyone else's birthday, I Wouldn't give two Shih Tzu. "
  • Card measures 5" X 7. 2" And comes with an envelope.

Instead of purchasing and sending multiple invitation cards, go to fiverr website, find a designer and ask him to design an invitation card for your shih tzu birthday and then send it to people in your guest list on their email or whatsapp.

Shih Tzu Personalized Birthday Greetings Card
  • Personalized greetings card
  • Print any message you like on the front and inside.
  • All orders are processed manually to ensure your product looks great.
  • 1000's of cards available in a variety of themes.

Shih Tzu Birthday Cake

Two birthday cakes will be needed one dog friendly cake for your shih tzu and the invited dogs, one for people’s consumption.

Normally cakes include sugar and chocolate which messes with shih tzu’s stomach or results infections sometimes. Best is to make a dog friendly cake at home with all fresh and natural ingredients, it only takes an hour. See yummy dog birthday cake recipe. Ready-made dog friendly cakes can also be purchased from local pet store or online.

See images below for beautiful and delicious cake ideas for your shih tzu birthday.

Shih Birthday Cake
via: Flickr
Shih Tzu Cupcakes for Birthday Party
Via: Pinterest


Decorations are the important and fun part of the party. We suggest to go with simple and decent decorations and it does not costs much. Instagram and Pinterest are great places to find more incredible shih tzu birthday party decoration ideas. See Below for more ideas.

Simple Indoor

Simple Budget Decorations. Source: Dovie Scott

Decoration Supplies

Products to add in your decorations list.

  • Party Balloons
  • Birthday Hats
  • Decoration Swirls
  • Birthday Bandanna
Shih Tzu Birthday Decorations
  • 1 set of puppy dog friend theme party banners,
  • 12Pcs Small Cake topper,
  • 1Pcs Large Cake Topper,
  • 18pcs balloons,6pcs swirl,
  • 3pcs paper honeycomb centerpiece
  • Complete puppy friend birthday party supplies

Shih Tzu Birthday Party Images

For more ideas and fun see shih tzu birthday party images below that people have shared.


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Shih Tzu Birthday Wishes
Shih Tzu Birthday Wish

To make your shih tzu’s birthday best event of the season;

Make sure:

  • You are only inviting good people who love dogs, sophisticated children and their gentle dogs.
  • You have chosen a perfect location (considering weather conditions and size of mob).
  • Good and enough food for human and dog treats are available.
  • Enough toys are there for your shih tzu and other invited dogs, so they are playing and enjoying the party.
  • You have placed water bowls for thirsty dogs in the party.
  • Speakers are ready to serve with background music.
  • You have charged camera batteries to capture celebration moments.
  • Remind party guests to speak softly, move slowly, and handle the puppy gently.

Have great party 🙂

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