Sometimes it might be hard to find a suitable name for your puppy. If you are looking for a great name that you want to assign your new Shih Tzu then go through this page to decide a name that will match perfectly with your Shih Tzu personality. We have made research on Shih Tzu Dog Names and found many.

Shih Tzu Dog Names

Before deciding a name for your puppy you will need to observe your pooch’s personality that will help you to find a good name. If you find your dog’s character unique or even ridiculous then go for a name that got some meanings.

Usually, People choose a name for their shih tzus what they love to call or what is easier for them. For instance, if someone owns a Brown or Chocó Black shih tzu puppy they will call it Chocó, Brownie, Coco or something that matches with dog’s personality. Sometimes, they go with fun names.

From the social media and internet research, we picked and made a list of the most popular and cool names.

Things to consider before choosing a name.

  • A good dog name should never be awkward or weird. People may hesitate to call your dog in public areas.
  • Make sure there is no one in your family or any close person with the same name that you are going to choose for your shih tzu. If there is someone, this will surely arise some confusion.
  • Next thing you gonna keep in mind when deciding a name is to make sure about the name that you have decided for pooch will be suitable at all the stages of your buddy’s life.
  • Choosing a short and simple name will be your best choice. Why? It will be easy to remember and call for anyone that is related to your dog.

Below are the lists of Popular Male and Female Shih Tzu Names collected from different platforms.

                      Female Shih Tzu Names

These are the trending and popular female Shih Tzu names collected from different platforms and owners.

Chi ChiKiraOliverSozi
Eli MingLillyRosyZabina


When it comes to a choose a name for a male shih tzu hundreds of names come to mind. But, choosing a simple and short name will be a step of sanity. Because simple and short names are easy to call and remember. So, we have made a list of cool, simple, trending and most popular Male Shih Tzu Names below.

More Unique Female Shih Tzu Names With Their Meanings

                                    Male Shih Tzu Dog Name

Cha ChaMaximSebastian


Above are the trending, popular female Shih Tzu dog Names, and male Shih Tzu dog names right now.

Here are 100+ more unique male dog names. Watch the video below.

Let us know if you want us to add more name to these lists and how much you like these.

And we are curious to know what name you use to call your shih tzu. Share with us in the comments section below.