Shih Tzu Lion Cut

Shih Tzu Lion Cut is probably 2nd most popular haircut style in Shih Tzus. The Lion Cut, since the name implies, gives your Shih Tzu the appearance of a tiny lion. A great cut for the summer season, suitable for dogs with a short, medium, and long coat.

This Shih Tzu hairstyle looks great on heavy-bodied and full of mass dogs. It is easy to care for, as the puppy requires less brushing, easy to give a bath, and gets drier fast than the other haircuts except for the teddy bear cut.

Grooming Shih Tzu Lion Cut at Home

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Executing this haircut at home. If you have decided to do it by yourself first you have to make sure that you have all the require shih tzu grooming tools and equipment. Once you have done with setting all the things up, follow these instructions to get it done by yourself.



  • Body: Shave all the body including chest, fore-skull, legs, and bottom 1-2” inches in length. Possible short hairs are suggested in a Shih Tzu lion cut in hot weather. Short body hair keeps the puppy cool and active.


  • Head: Scissor the hair 3-5” in length or find what length will be suitable for your puppy. Experimenting with different lengths will help you find what looks great in your case. Do not scissor or shave all the hair at once. As little change on face/head will entirely change the appearance of the dog.


  • Tail: Shave the tail almost all the way up. Scissor the hair at the tip of tail 3-5” in length. This look is reminiscent of the oriental “lion dog” that figures so prominently in the breed’s history.

Shih Tzu Lion Cut Before After Images

Here are some before and after lion cut pictures. These images demonstrate how your shih tzu will appear after the cut.



Easy to care for in comparison to either of the most Shih Tzu haircuts.

Good for summer. It keeps a dog cool in hot weather.

Looks great on Shih Tzus with heavy bodies or weight.

Easy to treat external parasites with this haircut.

Suitable for most of the coat types.

Good for swimming.

Does not look good on Shih Tzus with poor top lines.

Maybe too short for some dogs in winter.

It May did not look good on average-bodied Shih Tzus.

Gizmo The Shih Tzu with Lion Haircut

Gizmo a handsome, intelligent and obedient boy looking so satisfied with his lion cut.

Final Words:

Shih Tzu lion cut is preferred by most Shih Tzu owners in many ways as it does not require much care, brushing, bathing, and regular grooming.

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