10 Beautiful Shih Tzu Ornaments

Shih Tzu Ornaments are hand painted and usually made of glass or ceramic. They are carefully handcrafted with love and care.

Shih Tzu ornaments make a perfect gift for every occasion. Each ornament in this list is beautiful and packed with love. You can even personalize some of them by adding a name or date of birth.

There are many beautiful Shih Tzu ornaments available out their in the market. You will even see many in local stores, but I have found the best ones from online retailers.

So, I have compiled a list of the 10 Shih Tzu ornaments for you. You can buy these ornaments for yourself or you can also gift to anyone who is a fan of fur babies.

Beautiful Shih Tzu Ornaments

Almost every Shih Tzu parent have at least one Shih Tzu ornament which reflects the love they hold for their fur friends.

1. Dangling Legs Hand Painted and Easily Personalized Shih Tzu Christmas Ornament


You are going to fall in love with this beautiful lil Shih Tzu ornament and gonna keep it around you all the time.

I was so excited to open this Shih Tzu ornament box because it looked so adorable to me at the first sight and I was not disappointed. The quality is absolutely amazing and the details is just fantastic. I honestly wasn’t sure how it would turn out but it really looks like the picture in person.

This is a great decoration to have on your wall or around you. It is very detailed and looks just like a real one. This beautiful ornament will make a wonderful gift for someone who is a Shih Tzu fan.

2. Shih Tzu Christmas Stocking Ornament with “Santa’s Little Pals”


This is another super adorable ornament that I like a lot. This one will stand out on any wall or tree.

This Shih Tzu ornament makes a perfect gift for every occasion. Each ornament is hand painted and packed with love.

It is Lightweight & Durable. It is a Great Gift for Christmas, Birthdays and Other Special Occasions.

3. Sandicast Silver and White Shih Tzu Holding Stocking Christmas Ornament


Sandicast Silver and White Shih Tzu Holding Stocking Christmas Ornament is such a cute little ornament! The detailing is exquisite, and the soft material makes it a touchable ornament.

This one also comes in a nice packaging which makes it a good gift for anyone who loves Shih Tzus and is looking for a great holiday decoration.

4. Shih Tzu Black and White Ornament A Great Gift For Shih Tzu Owners Hand Painted and Easily Personalized


This black and white Shih Tzu ornament is a lovely and thoughtful addition to Christmas this year. Its magnet back adds a special touch too!

Great care has been taken with both design and function. We would definitely recommend this product. But its elegance just add to how pleased you will be with this choice for our furry friends in the family!

5. Old World Christmas Dog Collection Glass Blown Ornaments for Christmas Tree Shih Tzu, Brown


This is beautiful glass ornament would look perfect on a Christmas tree, wall, and on the fridge. It comes with a ribbon attached on the back so it can be hanged any where in the house.

It’s pretty affordable for such a cute ornament, especially is you want to gift something special to your friend who has a Shih Tzu!

One thing that really sold me on buying this item was that it came in what looked like almost a jewelry box, which is great.

6. Brown Sandicast Gold and White Shih Tzu Holding Stocking Christmas Ornament


Sandicast Gold and White Shih Tzu Holding Stocking Christmas Ornament is the same ornament I mentioned above. It has same size. Made of same material and comes in same packaging.

The only difference here is the Color or the ornament. The one we talked about earlier was in back and white but this one comes in gold(Brown) and white color.

Maybe you would like to buy both because both of these are cute.

7. Sandicast Christmas Ornament, Gold White


This gold(brown) and white Christmas ornament with a Santa hat is also one of my favorite because it is designed so beautifully that it has its own personality. It is made of Resin and carefully hand painted.

It may not stay on the tree without pulling branches down. You might need to put it up onto something else instead. But overall, this precious ornament is well worth the money.

8. Conversation Concepts Shih Tzu Puppy Ornament – Black & White


If you have a black and white Shih Tzu, this cute ornament might exactly look like your Shih Tzu.. It is small in size which makes it fit and look nice on the tree. But it might be little overpriced considering its size.

9. Shih Tzu Christmas Ornament Shatter Proof Ball Easy To Personalize For Shih Tzu Lovers


Shih Tzus are adorable and so is this ornament. This ornament is a lovely and shiny color and will look great hanging from one’s Christmas tree. The doggie sentiment is adorable as well. Recommended for Shih Tzu owners and lovers.

10. Conversation Concepts Shih Tzu Puppy Cute Angel Shih Tzu Ornament – Black & White


Last but not least, this beautiful little angel Shih Tzu ornament can become your emotional friend. It is designed and painted very carefully. It can be hung easy and fits nicely on flat surfaces.

This might also be an excellent gift for someone who’s Shih Tzu has crossed the rainbow bridge.

Don’t forget to let us know about your favorite Shih Tzu ornament.

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