Teaching A Shih Tzu Come Here Command – Shih Tzu Training

Training Tzu Come Here Command

Teaching Shih Tzu Come Here Command

Teaching Shih Tzu Come Here Command

If your Shih Tzu starts out an open front door toward a busy street, you can understand the power of the teaching shih tzu Come Here command. A dog that comes back to you reliably when you call her (dog trainers call this having good recall) is a much safer dog. Recall also comes in handy in other situations like exiting the dog park when playtime is over or learning the moves required for competitive obedience training.

Teaching Shih Tzu Come Here Command.

Just follow these steps:

  1. Whenever you notice your Shih Tzu coming toward you (which she’ll want to do often because she likes to be with you), say “Come Here!” or “Come!” Or, you can whistle or make some other noise that you want to represent the Come Here cue.
  2. When Lola gets to you, praise her. Every so often, add a small treat to the praise.
  3. Repeat at least several times a day, or even more. You can’t overdo it. After practicing it for two or three days, start offering the cue when Lola isn’t coming toward you. Call her to you, with or without her name: “Lola, come here!” or “Lola, Come!” or just “Come!” (Or, use the whistle or other cue you’ve devised.) If she comes, praise her and give her a treat. If she doesn’t, do nothing.
  4. Practice the cue at least several times a day, every day. The more you do it, the more chances she has to be successful. Then, when you really need her to come, you can be sure she will.

You can also teach shih tzu to Come here with the whole family.

Try this fun game:

  1. Have everyone in your family hide a treat behind his or her back, and sit in a circle.
  2. Put the Shih Tzu in the middle. Your Shih Tzu may start by going to someone, but don’t make eye contact. Everyone should have a treat hidden behind their backs.
  3.  Take turns calling the dog: “Come Here, Samson!” Don’t everybody yell at once — one at a time, please. The person can repeat the phrase and use gestures and an animated face when calling the dog. Anything to get the dog to come! When the dog comes to the person who called him, that person praises the dog and gives him the treat. If he comes to someone who didn’t call him, that person must ignore him (no matter how hard that is).
  4. Keep going around the circle, only rewarding Samson when he comes to the person who called. It only works if the people who aren’t calling truly ignore the dog, and the person who is calling rewards the dog when he comes. Shih Tzu are smart — they’ll soon figure out the score.

5. After the dog masters the game, change your voice’s inflection.

This game teaches shih tzu to come to anyone, not just the person who feeds him. It also links the words “Come Here” to the reward of actually coming, no matter who says the cue and no matter what inflection they use.

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