Training A Shih Tzu To Sit On Your Command

Training Shih Tzu To Sit On Command

Training a Shih Tzu Puppy to Sit On Command

Training shih tzu puppy sit command might take little long for the new puppy but is not a difficult job. You also need to show some patience, it always take time to learn something new.

Sit just may be the most useful cue to teach your Shih Tzu because you can use it to stop most bad behaviors. So fortunately, teaching the Sit cue is also one of the easiest cues to teach, especially if you use the lure-and-reward training technique check out “Luring and rewarding training technique” .

Training Shih Tzu Sit Command

Teaching Shih Tzu Sit Command

Just follow these steps:

Following steps will make your job a lot easier teaching your new puppy sit cue in the right way.

  1. Put your Shih Tzu in front of you, standing, and touch a small treat to his nose.
  2. Slowly raise the treat up and over his head. As he follows the treat and his head goes up, his rear will go down.
  3. Say “Sit” as he sits. If your Shih Tzu doesn’t sit, you can gently guide his rear down with your other hand as you say “Sit.”
  4. Praise him and give him the treat. As soon as your dog sits, praise him with a “Good dog!” and give him the treat he’s been following so closely.
  5. Repeat often — at least a few times each day. Your Shih Tzu will pick this cue up quickly and frequent reminders make your little guy feel good about getting this easy trick right.


You need to follow these steps for a weak or two then your little buddy will be able to understand follow “Sit’ command.

Sit can be incredibly useful. If Samson barks when the phone rings or if Lola jumps up on people when they come to visit, then teach the Sit cue. You can solve many problems with a simple Sit.

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