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Unique Female Shih Tzu Names With Their Meanings

Female Shih Tzu Names

Female Shih Tzu Names

Of course, There are many female shih tzu names with their meanings. But have a look on these unique female shih tzu names with their meaning. Names with their meanings are considered more valuable than a name that holds nothing.

Always choose a unique and short name that fits best to your Shih Tzu personality.

Unique Female Shih Tzu Names With Their Meanings

# Name Meaning
1 Abby Happy Anytime
2 Ava Cutie & Nippy
3 Bianca Bright White
4 Bree Upbeat
5 Cookie Little Delicious Treat
6 Cami Very Innocent
7 Daffodil Beautiful Yellow Spring Flower
8 Didi Short and Sweet
9 Elsa God’s Promise
10 Ellie Bright Light
11 Fuzzy Unpredictable, Moody
12 Flossy Cotton Candy Alike
13 Gypsy Independent, Do not listen to anyone
14 Galatia A state in itself
15 Hazel Nutty Pup
16 Hershey A Deer
17 Izzy My Oath – also short name for “Isabelle”
18 Iota Very Small
19 Jill Lots of Personality
20 Juno Protector of Ladies
21 Kalani The Boss
22 Kashmir Piece of Heaven
23 Lolly Short call of Lollipop
24 Lilly Face of Flower
25 Mia Only Mine
26 Maggie Always needed
27 Minty Calm and Cool
28 Masi Helper
29 Nargis Kind of Flower
30 Nyla The Champion
31 Olivia Popular Female Shih Tzu Name
32 Pashi Lady of Higher Rank
33 Pammi Frank
34 Pandora Box full of suprises
35 Pixie Tiny Fairy
36 Primrose Cute Little Flower
37 Queenie Royal and Regal.
38 Rylee A Very Loyal Companion
39 Reiko Courteous Child
40 Rafiki Very Friendly
41 Roxy Confident, Loving
42 Raven Black Mysterious Bird
43 Sasha Gorgeous Lady
44 Tinkerbell Fairy
45 Vasha Ruler
46 Shiloh God Gifted
47 Xia Sunshine
48 Zita Just Another beautiful female shih tzu name
49 Zola Planet
50 Zoe A Special Gift

Only those names were picked and arranged in above list that can fit perfectly to any female shih tzu. If you still not found a name for your shih tzu then spend some time here.

These are very unique female shih tzu names with their meanings, picked manually through a research. Let us know below in comments section below if you want us to add more names to the list.

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