Watching For Shih Tzu Potty Warning Signs

Shih Tzus don’t usually let their bladders fly all over your carpet; they give signs beforehand. You just need to know how to read them. So even when it isn’t time for that scheduled pit stop (everyone needs to go to the bathroom out of their normal schedule once in a while), you must keep an eye on your Shih Tzu, especially when she’s a puppy.

Doing so is especially important when you’re the first potty training your shih tzu, no matter what her age. After you figure out her cues, you can pick up on them much more quickly.

Look for these signs that indicate Shih Tzu may need to go potty:

  •  Sniffing and circling: Many dogs sniff the ground and walk in small circles before they actually go.
  •  Dancing around: No, your Shih Tzu doesn’t don a little skirt and start doing the cha-cha or hop from one foot to the other whimpering. Rather, dogs generally flit around and squirm and go to the door and then come back to see if you’ve noticed yet.
  • Whining: If you had to go to the bathroom and you couldn’t open the bathroom door and nobody was helping you, and no one was paying attention to let you go, you’d whine and whimper too. The whine may not be obvious, but if you hear some noises coming from your Shih Tzu, check it out.
  •  Starring: Some dogs just stare at you. After you figure out the stare, you’ll know in a flash that your Shih Tzu needs to go out.
  •  Standing by the door: Many dogs stand at attention at the door when they need to go out. They don’t make any noise, so if you haven’t seen your dog in a while, go check by the door.

If you see any of the preceding signs, immediately whisk your pup to the appropriate spot. When your shih tzu starts to squat or lift a leg, the event is imminent! After he goes in the right spot, praise him.

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